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Submit your presentation ideas for the 2020 IFW conference, which is returning to Houston in...


Submit Your IFW Conference Presentation Idea

Instructors in the field of industrial firefighting are invited to submit their ideas for a presentation to an elite audience of emergency responders at the 2020 Industrial Fire World Conference & Expo from Sept. 30 to Oct. 2 in Houston.

Call for Presentations


Extractor 22 PPE Washer

Extractor 22 PPE Washer

Groves Incorporated's Extractor 22 (EW22) is a machine for washing personal protective equipment that follows NFPA-1851 guidelines.


Passing the IFW Torch

David White (left) and Tim Sendelbach

Industrial Fire World has transitioned to new ownership, but the mission remains the same. Industrial emergency response is a highly specialized portion of the fire service that deserves its own voice.