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MSA Advantage® 290 Respirator

The MSA Advantage 290 is a NIOSH-approved respirator without an exhalation valve.

Designed without an exhalation valve, it provides both wearer protection and source control – making it suitable for situations where a sterile environment is needed.


MSA Offers Globe Gear Giveaway

The MSA Group has begun accepting applications for its 2020 Globe Gear Giveaway that will award 13 departments with four sets of turnout gear and four helmets, the company has announced.


Extractor 22 PPE Cleaner

Extractor 22 PPE Cleaner

Groves Incorporated's Extractor 22 (EW22) is a machine for washing personal protective equipment that follows NFPA-1851 guidelines.


Adding an Extra 'P' for Proper PPE

The system of selecting PPE by the four levels of A-B-C-D is a quick and simple method of describing what responders wear when working with hazardous materials.