The use of technology as a key component in enhancing fire protection and providing more value to customers, served as the common theme for Tyco SimplexGrinnell at a recent fire conference.

“Life safety is priority number one,” said Chris Woodcock, director of marketing communications for Tyco SimplexGrinnell. “We try to keep every environment as safe as possible, be it an industrial environment, civic center, school or hospital.”

The company offered hands-on demonstrations of advanced SIMPLEX fire alarm panels and cloud-based applications at the National Fire Protection Association Conference in Chicago.

“We are trying to use technology in ways that make businesses and customers more efficient and successful,” Woodcock said. “If you are in an industrial setting, you can operate your facility more efficiently. Think about it as added value and improved business outcomes, atop the basic fire and life-safety protection you need.”

The “Solving Safety” theme focuses on the company’s ability to leverage technology, resources and expertise to solve the biggest and most challenging problems that customers face today in protecting life and property while operating their business.

SIMPLEX ES panels enable remote diagnostics to increase uptime and resolve problems more quickly, while supporting selftesting of notification appliances to improve operational efficiency, minimize disruptions and reduce life-cycle costs. The panels are built with forward/backward compatibility that leverages existing life-safety investments while providing a cost-effective migration path to newer technology platforms.

Below is an overview of the products, solutions and technologies displayed in the Tyco SimplexGrinnell booth: Advanced Fire Alarm Panels:

● SIMPLEX 4100ES: An advanced, Internet-enabled fire alarm control panel, the SIMPLEX 4100ES meets the needs of large, networked sites such as college campuses, multi-building hospitals and high-rise commercial properties. The 4100ES panel is easier and less costly to install, commission and service, and results in lower costs for customers over the life of the system.

● SIMPLEX 4007ES: A small, expandable fire alarm panel, the SIMPLEX 4007ES offers features and functionality normally associated with large systems. The newest panel in the SIMPLEX family, the 4007ES is designed specifically for small to mid-size projects such as elementary schools, strip malls, restaurants and medical office buildings. It is ideal for new addressable installations as well as retrofits and upgrades to enable the migration of conventional systems to newer technology platforms. Cloud-based Applications:

● TrueInsight Remote Service: This advanced technology, part of the comprehensive suite of Internet-based eServices solutions, saves time, resources and money by providing remote diagnostics for SIMPLEX ES fire alarm systems. TrueInsight enables predictive service capabilities, such as the identification of almost-dirty smoke detectors, to increase uptime, speed the resolution of system issues, and make system maintenance easier and more cost effective. Addressable Notification Technology:

● SIMPLEX TrueAlert ES: This addressable notification technology is easier and less costly to install, simpler to commission, and provides exceptional protection. The revolutionary self-testing capabilities of TrueAlert ES appliances enable building owners to test their systems at any time of the day or night – without interrupting daily operations.

AandE Resource Center:

At the NFPA show, Tyco SimplexGrinnell also unveiled its new Architect and Engineer Resource Center, an interactive site providing tools, information and resources to help AandEs address the challenges they face in fire protection and life safety.

Simplex fire panels have been the industry standard for reliability and excellence for decades. Headquartered in Westminster, MA, Tyco SimplexGrinnell is a key installation and services business for Tyco in North America and part of the global Tyco fire and security enterprise, Woodcock said.

“We are leveraging technology and innovation in order to provide better solutions for customers,” he said.