A South Korean newspaper quoting an unnamed source in North Korea reports that eight people died and 12 were injured Sept. 18 in an explosion at a fertilizer plant in South Pyongan Province.

New technology to increase production was being introduced at the Namhung Youth Chemical Complex when the blast occurred, the source said.

The Daily NK, based in Seoul, reports that the explosion happened in a “gas tower” at the plant.

“They had already succeeded in tests conducted in a small testing plant some time ago, and had placed the new technology into the factory, but then this accident happened,” the source said.

High officials such as North Korea’s former premier Rodong Sinmun, and Pak Pong Ju, responsible for North Korea’s economy have visited the factory in the past, emphasizing the importance of increasing production. An accident investigation team reporting to the North Korean Central Committee has been established to determine what caused the explosion.