Emergency vehicle manufacturer Marion Body Works is making HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud® a standard safety solution on new apparatus, the company announced today. The collaboration will equip newly manufactured Marion Body Works apparatus with the Safety Cloud Responder-to-Vehicle (R2V™) service, enabling fire crews to automatically deliver digital alerts to nearby drivers up to 30 seconds in advance and reduce the risk of collision by up to 90%.

Safety Cloud is the industry standard in digital alerting, with more than 800 public safety agencies and fleets nationwide actively using the service daily for added protection on the road. The service works by delivering real-time notifications to approaching drivers when equipped emergency vehicles are responding and on-scene, improving motorist awareness and allowing more time for drivers to make safe maneuvers and comply with Move Over laws. Safety Cloud alerts are received by drivers through navigation platforms such as Waze and through the vehicle infotainment screens of connected vehicle services. Since launching two years ago, Safety Cloud has processed more than 1 billion alerts.

“Our primary focus at Marion Body Works is the customer experience, and for our customers, there’s nothing more important than safety in the field,” said Cal Kanowitz, Director of Sales & Marketing at Marion Body Works. “By making Safety Cloud standard on our new apparatus, we’re providing the departments we serve with the most advanced solution for collision prevention available today.”

HAAS Alert CEO Cory Hohs commented, “Marion Body Works brings more than a century of experience in building custom vehicles, and we’re thrilled to be in partnership with a company with such an exceptional reputation and record in safety. We’re fully aligned in our shared commitment to safety.”

To learn more about Marion Body Works, Inc. visit marionbody.com.