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Chemical Storage

Lubrizol Fire Traced to Storage Facility Next Door, Le Monde says

Locker room heaters suspected as cause of the September 2019 chemical plant fire in France.

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Fire Spreads Through Suspected Chemical Dump in Poland

Previous landfill operator sentenced to prison in 2018

Australian Company Charged in 2019 Warehouse Fire

Dangerous goods stored under hazardous conditions, according to government sources.

State AGs Sue EPA Over Chemical Storage Requirements

Many of the risk management requirements were repealed by the Trump administration in 2019.

French Prosecutor Expands Lubrizol Fire Investigation

Local citizens group fights plans to partially reopen the Lubrizol operation in Rouen.

Steelworkers Sue EPA Over Chemical Storage Requirements

Enforcement placed on hold by the Trump administration in 2016.

Chemical Plant Explosion in Scotland Injures 2

Officials shut down nearby primary school out of concern about possible asbestos in debris.

CSB Releases Midland Resource Recovery Final Report

Dangerous chemical reactions led to explosions that killed three people in two separate incidents at a West Virginia facility for decontaminating obsolete odorizer vessels, a U.S. Chemical Safety Board report issued Tuesday states.

What Causes Storage Tanks to Collapse?

An oil tank could be working just fine. However, if it’s struck by lightning, a catastrophe could be imminent, particularly if the tank has not been grounded.

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Halogens: Modern Blessing Comes With a Bite

The name halogen translates to "salt former." These are the elements that react to form compounds known as salts.