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Toxic Release in Spain Triggers Shelter-in-Place Order

Disinfectant plant allowed to continue operations during pandemic

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Mixing the Wrong Cleaners Can Be Deadly

Most chemicals should not be mixed with anything other than plain water

Crude Spills into California River After Tanker Overturns

Heavy equipment brought in to contain and clean up the 4,200 gallon release

5 Tons of Hazmat Agent Lost in Mississippi Warehouse Fire

The all-natural product is used by fire and police agencies to control oil spills.

Revisiting the 2015 Vancouver Port Hazmat Incident

When 22 tons of pool cleaning tablets began to oxidize in a shipping container, acrid fumes created a toxic cloud.

Hydrogen Fluoride: To Ban or Not to Ban

To determine if the benefits of using HF outweigh the risks, you need to understand how and why it was utilized in the first place.

Hazmat Emergency in New York Easily Resolved

Possible exposure to unknown chemicals prompted fire officials to order a second alarm.

Sanctions Against Prosecution Delays Arkema Trial

Judge rules that the state improperly withheld evidence from the defense.

Crane Collapses Across Plant Roof in Finland

The ground gave way beneath the outriggers of the mobile crane.

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Fireball Engulfs Overturned Tanker Truck in Indiana

About 4,000 gallons of jet fuel spilled and ignited on an interstate ramp.