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Bankrupt PES Refinery Sold to Developer

Company filed following a devastating explosion and fire in June.

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No Injuries Reported After Refinery Fire in Louisiana

In-house fire brigade handled the blaze with no outside help.

Chemical Safety Board Strengthens Chemical Release Reporting

The legislation requires plant owners to notify the board about accidental releases.

Fire Threatens Coal Tar Tank in Pennsylvania

A small fire spread to a 10,000-gallon storage tank holding flammable product Tuesday morning at a chemical plant in Upper Merion, Pennsylvania.

Settlements Reached With 7 Injured in 2016 Texas Explosion

A flash fire occurred during welding activities at the Sunoco Logistics Terminal in Nederland.

OSHA Fines Closed Philadelphia Refinery for Process Safety Hazards

The PES facility was extensively damaged by fire and an explosion in June.

Emergency Flaring at Louisiana Refinery Grabs Attention

Power outages due to damaging storms were blamed for the "elevated flare" condition.

Former Alaskan Refinery Owners Ordered to Pay $29.4M

The former owner of an Alaska oil refinery has been ordered by state court to pay $29.4 million for releasing toxic solvents into the groundwater and polluting water wells nearby.

Father and Son Firefighters Protect Louisiana Parish

In Louisiana’s St. Bernard Parish, responsibility for emergency response is divided between two men named Thomas Stone.

Shell Responder Grew up With Refinery Business

Refineries were an essential part of life where Shell process operator and emergency responder Victoria Reneau grew up.