SprinkCAD for Revit® Fabrication Tool - Johnson Controls

SprinkCAD for Revit® Fabrication Tool

Johnson Controls


Johnson Controls, the global leader for smart, healthy and sustainable buildings and architect of OpenBlue connected solutions, announces the immediate release of the new SprinkCAD for Revit® Fabrication Tool. In addition to providing 3D layout and calculation capabilities, the newly expanded suite of tools enables users to deliver a fabrication-ready design and stock list.

With this new fabrication tool, fire protection professionals can take a valid, comprehensive design in Revit® directly into the SprinkCAD strategy-based fabrication environment. Designers can map valves, sprinklers, pipes and pumps to known components within their parts database and get a full material list and fabrication report that can be saved, printed or exported to industry standard file formats.

“BIM projects just got easier to quote, design, stock list and fabricate,” said Zach Magnone, associate director, Engineering & Innovation, Johnson Controls. “The new SprinkCAD fabrication tool was designed for speed and accuracy. With this full suite of tools, designers can now use SprinkCAD for Revit® to produce a fully-designed and calculated system in less time and with a greater efficiency.”

The new SprinkCAD for Revit® Fabrication Tool lets users:

  • Deliver fabrication-ready design and stock list
  • Generate required Revit® families and insert them into the design model automatically
  • Eliminate need for transition of design into the complex fabrication parts environment
  • Map any Revit® sprinkler system design to desired pipes, sprinklers, valves, and other items for material summary and fabrication reports
  • Produce a material summary for the piping system directly from SprinkCAD for Revit®
  • Create fabrication reports and manage stock-listing by running SprinkSLIC from SprinkCAD

Visit www.sprinkcad.com/revit to learn more about the SprinkCAD Revit® Fabrication Tool release.


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