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Tank Fires

What Causes Storage Tanks to Collapse?

An oil tank could be working just fine. However, if it’s struck by lightning, a catastrophe could be imminent, particularly if the tank has not been grounded.

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How to Deal with Uncontrolled Pressure Fires

Pressure fires fed by piping leaks can aggravate storage tank fires.

Why Dynamic Risk Assessments Matter

Dynamic risk assessments help teams understand the variables and how they impact response to tank fires.

How Floating Roof Storage Tanks Work

An internal floating roof's purpose is to create a seal between the tank and the atmosphere. Sealing a tank leaves no gap through which to distribute foam. Foam can be pumped in through a manhole.

Planning for Tank Fires

Proper planning prepares firefighters to battle tank fires before they start.

Train Tanker Cars Burst Into Flames After Being Hit By 18-Wheeler

A train and an 18-wheeler truck collided on FM 2095 in Cameron causing a large explosion and fire.

The Unified Industrial Fire Department of Rotterdam Invests in Mobile System to Fight Tank Fires

The department’s new mobile system relies on submersible pumps, drones, and remote-control monitors to keep firefighters at a safe distance as they extinguish tank fires.

Flames Spread Through 7 Crude Storage Tanks in Syria

An initial explosion in one tank touched off the rest.

Flames Spread Through Tank Farm at Chinese Biofuel Plant

Bio-diesel and formaldehyde reported to be burning.

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Biofuel Tank Fire Kills 1, Injures 2 in Argentina

Neighbors reported hearing at least six explosions during the fire.