- Photo courtesy of RollNRack.

Photo courtesy of RollNRack.

The Power Roller from RollNRack allows industrial firefighters to drain and roll large-diameter hose in a more ergonomic way. Two firefighters can roll up the hose without lifting it, while the rig remains stationary.

The Power Roller can drain and roll 5,000 feet of LDH up to 5 inches in diameter on a full charge powered by its 24-volt rechargeable battery pack with Kussmaul meter. The Power Roller comes with a set of coupling jaws, a battery pack, and a charger. An integrated, removable drain attachment lifts up and out of the way for safe hose roll removal.

It includes a brush that whisks gravel and grass from the bottom of the hose. The 13-inch rear tires and 10-inch swivel tire are heavy aluminum with stainless steel hardware.

The Power Roller can also draw 3-inch and smaller diameter hose. It retails for $5,875.