- Photo courtesy of Hose Monster.

Photo courtesy of Hose Monster.

The 4-inch Hose Monster is designed for flow-testing large-capacity systems and unidirectional flushing through the steamer or pumper port of a hydrant. It carries an approved flow rate range of 1,074 to 2,941 gallons per minute.

The unit is constructed of steel and includes a precision-machined internal orifice plate for accurate and consistent flow rate measurements. The rugged steel orifice plate allows an uninterrupted flow test that won't be interrupted by rocks or flushing debris damaging a pitot.

Hose Monster also offers a 4½-inch version with an approved flow rate of 1,047 to 2,867 gallons per minute. The 4-inch model retails for $1,173, while the 4½-inch version retails for $1,183.