- Photo courtesy of Lenco.

Photo courtesy of Lenco.

The FireCat is a variant of Lenco's BearCat X3 armored response vehicle that can deploy water streams from a roof-mounted nozzle. It includes a foam tank and proportioning system.

The vehicle can be used for small structure or car fires before they turn into larger scale property damage. The vehicle can also be deployed in coordination with law enforcement units during civil disturbance scenarios. The FireCat can hook directly to a main water line or pumper truck for a continuous water flow.

It accommodates four to six fully equipped officers.

Features include a rotating roof hatch and tactical breaching tools, such as a RAM bar, gas injector unit, four-way RAM camera, and piercing water spike. The company also offers a bumper-mounted forestry nozzle.

The vehicle is powered by a turbocharged V-8 diesel engine that delivers power to a four-wheel drive system. It shares parts with other BearCat variants and comes with a pickup-style utility bed.